Circus Arts

Katie provides a variety of services for entertainment, education, and workshops including Circus, Dance and Music. She can cater to audiences from toddlers to adults and everywhere in between.

Aerial HoopPerformance

Custom shows and animation for schools, company events, festivals and parties are available. Katie can provide a wide range of entertainment, including aerial and ground-based circus acts, contemporary and ethnic dance, and music of all types. Featuring fantastic costumes, acts, and performers ranging in age from 9 to adult, entertainment can be catered to fit your needs.

Dance TrapezePrivate Lessons

Katie has over 13 years of experience teaching dance and circus. She currently teaches aerials and acrobatics for adults at Tantra Fitness in Vancouver, BC., and for children at Shift Dance Academy in North Vancouver. Private lessons are available at either of these venues, and Katie can come to your location too. Instruction is available for the following:

  • Aerial Hoop
  • Aerial Silks
  • Trapeze
  • Dance Acrobatics
  • Group and Partner Acrobatics
  • Hand-balancing
  • Flexibility
  • Introductory Juggling
  • Introductory Jeu (“Clown”)


The Circus Arts are an excellent way to engage in team-building for any age. Working together to create pyramids, juggle, and character-work are a unique way to build trust and strong relationships between your company, classroom, or ensemble! Workshops are generally 1-2 hours in length, and can be adjusted to suit age or mobility-specific requirements.